“The BACIL radio system is great for all Leeds city centre and Crown Point businesses. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use it – particularly some of the bigger stores – if something happens you can pass it on and help everyone”.
Nigel CharlesworthSecurity Guard at USC
"The BACIL website provides its members and partner agencies with an invaluable tool to fight business crime in Leeds. The real time information sharing platform is used to identify criminals, report crime and suspicious activity as it happens in the city supported by BACIL's radio network. This allows member businesses to make informed decisions to monitor, report or/& refuse entry to suspect individuals and prevent crime."
Jon HancockCo-chair BACIL
“We were one of the first to sign-up to be a member of BACIL and although we’re a big store with a big team it’s great to have the radio system as a back-up. It keeps everyone in contact which can only be good thing for Leeds businesses. It’s always useful to attend the monthly meetings as you get to put faces to names and feel better connected with other members”.
Neeta WalbankCCTV Operator, Marks & Spencer
“The BACIL website is an incredibly valuable tool for information sharing across the city. Its a great way to collaborate with other business to make Leeds a safer city. As co-Chair, I personally believe that sharing ideas and helping one another is assists considerably to the reduction of crime throughout the city. The BACIL radio is enormously helpful to our business and we rely on the real-time information we receive so we can maintain an alert and hands on team. BACIL is held in very high regard and is at the forefront of what it has set out to do with total dedication and passion.
Susan MendozaSt Johns Centre Manager and BACIL Co-chair